Maggatsuoh Final Battle Tips?

So I’ve made it to the boss battle at the end of the story and I’m wondering what are some general strategies to taking him down. What sort of set up should I be striving to make? What are some mons that work to make this easier? Any tips would help!

Personally, I used Blazebones’ Revolutionize to bring him to low health quickly. Simuronix’s Equalize works wonders as well. If you haven’t either, be sure to bring a lot of purifiers, toxic killers and poison immune monsters. My Azuraidos kept living because of his Hold Ground, Poison Immunity and Bloodlust.

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Well if you have lionheart or twighoul you copy it’s buffs when it dies. In general, try to charge a blood mon with poison immunity or camo to deal a ton of damage to it with gt. Also have purifiers.

I didn’t know you could life flip him

Where can I find twighoul? I know he’s the evolved version of a catchable monster but would you happen to know what island he’s on?

You need twiggy and five vorabooks. I forgot where it is but you can google where twiggy is.

You can see all the hidden island monsters and monsters with 5* forms in this guide: KD's New Players Guide

You can find Twiggy in the chapter 2 water dungeon I think it is. However, the issue is having 5 Vorabooks to evolve it. Don’t worry about Twighoul for now… it’s a cheesy way to do it anyway (abusing a bug currently in the game).

I just used rexotyrant for maggotsuouh. Aoe first and then just spam gt

Funnily I defeated him just yesterday.

If it helps you, this was my team, many purifiers and poison monsters, Fluffydra was the best, healer and critical damager at once because of its Ultimate sacrifice.

piercing + blood move is a winning combination. I beat it first try because delu happened to get enough kills from the maggatoids and had GTs to back him up. so if you have scarleguard, delu or something else like that, that’d do the trick.

Do DR works on him?

No but one shotting him with a superbuffed lionheart or twighoul works.

Yeah maybe but he never attacks my twighoul he prefers other mons and twig die from the maggatoid thingie

Go get yourself a Friend that has Lionheart!

you cant get help from friends too

I beat him with a mixture of Camo monsters. Willowyrm + Emeraldeus worked wonders and my Rexotyrant sat and laughed at his Maggotoids.

OMG I FINALLY beat him with Vainess(spamm bloodbath ) and some give turn like the monkey riding a white dinosaur(the thunder type monkey), he can give a turn each time a teamate dies and hes poison immune.I couldn’t do that battle for a LOOOOOOOOOONg time because I had like 2 poison immune and most of my best mons are effect mons(sleep,poison,stun)

You are keeping pushing on this Lionhearth/Twig thing for ages. Do you know any other strategy that works instead of suggesting only this?
Do you realize that this is going to be fixed because someone disclosed here?
Well if you don’t realize that maybe you should now.
So please suggest strategies not just buffs, we need to help players to grow up in terms or team building and combos.


Yeah I should stop talking about the lionheart/twighoul bug. I suggested using blood mons w/ camo or immune to poison with supporters and really only lionheart works since buffed twighoul dies before setting up.
As for the bug, the devs knew about it before I brought it up although I would assume they don’t want ppl using it all the time.

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Tips on strategies are very welcome.
However this bug was known, I always prefer to don’t bring it up too much.