Maggatsuoh Final Battle Tips?

Fair enough

Neither did I! I found it out during battle. Blazebones’ Revolutionize skill was sparkling so I thought “hey what if I can actually cheese this” and it worked.

something like tagosenshi and its double bloodthirst? or atlantyrant and its double bloodcrave?

Wow I Just one shoted the boss methaterion with twighoul demon s glare.I always thought that deathmark and stuff didnt worked on bosses

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Huh thats odd lol

I just wanted to let the thread know that I finally beat the last level. I used kamishogun and give turners to blood fury him to death after he used absorb poison and his fighting spirit passive.


Hey guys, does someone have reapolantern? I think its lifeflip enemy should be very useful

NMEduck but with lionhart how much ever i purify they again purify they kill lionhart after poisoning him

And nome of my purifiers have holy ground so maggatsuoh kills them all instantly at his turn

when maggat hits lionhart he goes holy ground and maggatoids kill him by poison which i hate so he doesnt take rebirth @IncrediblyHumbleDuck

Maybe it’s time this mistake becomes a reality . No monsters can be poisoned .

Please whoever has completed it and can help me please add me on discord if u have cause im currently having login issues and almost for every comment i have to login again my discord id is broly#6081

I beated him today only and with only one monster and one move- Purpie and Delta Super Beam

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Actually 4 purpie so it’s not 1 mon

We say it a single mon which creates dupes in the battle, so when we enter the battle, we have only a single purpie. And it’s the only mon which took me out of trouble every time after the shattered skies. It’s just too awesome if used in the right team (a team built around it).