So I made a poll.

Please answer and we can discuss playing it or not

Oh god.

I hate when I make a spelling mistake…

You can edit you posts…

I know.

Laziness is king atm.

Just making sure, and I know the feeling.

So what is this “mafia” game you speak of?

I’m gauging interest.

Once I feel we have enough, Ill post details.

Ok cool! I am now excited, darn you for making me wait _| ̄|O・°°・。

Hahaha yeah this sounds kinda fun

It’s so much fun

Frustrating at times.

But fun.

I’m hoping for around 12 players

So is it going to turn into an all out spamfest like you know what it does this actually have some class?

I understood the first half.

I did not understand the second half.

To answer the first part, no, this will not turn into a spam fest. This is a forum game we can play if we get enough people. I can guarantee this will keep everyone focused and on track.

That’s what I wanted to know.

This sounds fun someone please explain

He will once he gets 12 people to play


I’ve got 9.

We can pick up the other three along the way.

So the game is called Mafia

There are two sides: town and Mafia. In order to win the game, the town must wipe out all the mafia and all third party roles. The mafia must take up over half of the total town members to win the game.

Sounds easy right? Wrong! The mafia members and third party roles are hidden, so everyone is “town” while not necessarily being so.

Each side is only allowed to make one kill each day and night. The town must lynch one person per day and the mafia once per night.

The town must deduce who is mafia and try and kill them before the mafia wipes them out.

Still interested, guys?

Sure !

It’s funny, we got it in France too, but it’s called “Le loup-garou de Thiercelieu”. Basically it’s village people vs werewolves. It’s fun.

Yeah, I heard about that version.

Maybe well play that one once you all get aquatinted with the game

It’s basically the same, there are some more complex ones with some people having some advantages, but the basic mecanism is the same