Deadpool Mafia (SIGN-UPs)

Hello and welcome to Deadpool Mafia!

This time, we’re taking a trip into Deadpool’s head and the party that lives inside it. You all will be known as the voices inside my head. Some are stronger than others, others are just plain silly and want everybody dead.

Here’s how we’ll know if you’re an average voice:

Welcome to Deadpool Mafia, (player)! You are just a plain old Voice in My Head, and you have no abilities

You win when only town-aligned players remain.

The voices always party but this time, instead of drinking heavily and eating an ungodly amount of Chimichangas, they decide to see which voices will be the ones that control how Deadpool functions and how they will whisper in his head on what he will do next, along with criticizing him because he deserves it.

Now First things First; my brain has a few rules which I will outline for you.


  1. Don’t edit, not even lightning edit.

  2. Do not discuss the game outside this thread, except as specifically allowed in your PM.

  3. Do not use text colors other than the default.

  4. Do not post at night.

  5. Do not quote directly from your role PM, other than words appearing in color (but don’t use the color, obviously). Paraphrase all you want.

  6. There will be deadlines given as necessary. While I prefer not to give deadlines, I am aware that mafia games tend to stagnate without them. When I do give deadlines, they will be very short, so be warned.[

  7. Be prompt with night actions if you have one, and if you choose not to use your night action, please inform me of that as well. Failure to make a choice by the deadline will result in no action made.

  8. You must reach a majority of votes before deadline hits, or there will no lynch.

  9. Votes must be in the form: Vote: Deadpool. Voting for no lynch is acceptable, as is self-voting. Votes for those not in the game count as self-votes. You do not need to unvote before voting for a new player. Do note that the bolding and the colon are mandatory for votes as well as unvotes (don’t mess with my searches), otherwise your voting action will not count.

  10. Lurking will not be tolerated.

  11. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

  12. I am free to modkill anyone who breaks these rules. If town is modkilled this way, the day immediately ends.


  1. When I post a votecount, I will post people in the order they were voted for, and then for each person the order of the votes. I will also indicate who is not voting.

  2. When a character is killed/lynched, I will use a color code to indicate alignment. Red indicates mafia, green indicates town and blue indicates a third-party role if one exists. I also applied this color system to the PMs you will receive.

  3. Natural Action Resolution applies. Multiple actions within each layer are applied simultaneously.

  4. Those with night actions can target themselves unless otherwise specified. Usually this won’t be beneficial, but do remember the option exists.

  5. Throughout the game, I will add reference links to the first post to important posts. I will also update the alive/dead list (obviously).

And here. we. Go.


  1. Shen
  2. Distori
  3. Pred
  4. Cobra



Sign ups will close Saturday August 24th 2013 at 10pm CST:

I almost forgot, /replace is for those who get modkilled or need to leave because we all know real life gets in the way and I have something special set up for those who /spectate

Okay so I made mistakes

“Day” and “night” will not be in real time. There will a couple of days in between each day and night.

So lets say day 1 starts now. It would end, say 5 days from now, on August 25th or whenever a lynch occurs before the 25th. I recommend longer days are better for evidence gathering.

Then it would go into night and there will be no posting on the thread during the night phase. So day would go all the way until the 25th, the night phase would last until the 27th.

Does that make sense?

Also, to sign up, post on the thread with /in

To spectate, post /spectate.

Or to replace someone who has been removed from the game for reasons other than killed and want someone to play, /replace.

So post in the thread with one of those three options


Hope this doesn’t get influenced by waffles like the rest of the threads…

Don’t worry, that will be automatic removal if that happens.


Come on guys, you know you want to play

There shall be no waffles, and there shall be no narwhals. (That goes for you Otacon!)


I need 8 more people

Come on forum! REVIVE

It has been kinda dead lately, I wonder what’s going on…
Come on people I wanna play this!!!

We may have to hold this off until after the game releases…

/in I guess, what could possibly go wrong!

Oh lots!!!

That’s what I thought would happen but really wanted to avoid…

Well, the Betas reopened, so we’ll wait and see. We have until Saturday to see what happens


This is way past the end date, but can I?

if i can


I’ll redo the entire thread once the forums liven up again and the game is released because It’ll be easier so I’ll let you lads know


Is this like the starcraft 2 mafia custom game?

I don’t seem to really get what the point is aside from getting everyone linched.

Are people divided in groups or what?

So there are two MAIN groups:

The mafia and the vanilla townies.

The mafia usually has two members. These mafia members know each others’ identity, but both of their identities are hidden from others.

The vanilla townies are usually the most abundant. They do not know anyone’s identity until someone is killed (in that case, their role will be released.)

Alright, so. Mafia tries to eliminate all townies. Two mafia members means they need to get the population down to four (two mafia, two non-mafia) to win. ONE mafia member will need to get the population down to one to win.

Vanilla townies need to eliminate both mafia regardless of their number. 0 mafia members alive = townie win.

Now, getting a little complex: other roles. Usually, there are two other roles called the cop and the doctor.

The cop is pro-town, meaning they are with the townies. Cops are just like vanilla townies at first - they know no one else’s role. But, unlike a vanilla townie, they can choose ONE person each night to “investigate.” In the morning, the person that was chosen will have their role revealed to the cop. Cops that find mafia members can choose - wait or tell? If they tell, they may get killed. If they wait, they can get killed WITHOUT sharing results, therefore being useless. 

The doctor is also pro-town, but the doctor is exactly like vanilla townies when it comes to roles. They can’t investigate like cops, but they can choose ONE person to protect during the night. If the mafia decides to attack their target, the doctor will protect the target from a kill (therefore helping the town by saving a guy). 

^ That was for anyone who has no idea what mafia is. You may also have heard of the Werewolf version, where vanilla townies are villagers, mafia is the werewolves, cops are seers, and doctors are bodyguards.