Bye guys

Hey guys, I’m probably going to leave this community :frowning:
Just want to tell mods and devs it’s not that the game is bad, but i just get bored from repetitive games.
I will probably be back for their next game :wink:
Anyways bye guys! Have fun and don’t give up!

Aww,thats to bad…
You might find yourself coming back,like I did.
Well,farewell Master :confused:

Awww It’s a shame to see you go Master. Hope to see you around for the next game.

NOOOOOOO! Master D: You… You can’t do dis! Well, I hope to see you around sometimes, and I will miss you. Goodbye, I guess…

Maaster, noooooooooooooooo! *random voice* “Rewind” nooooooooooooooooo Master *random voice* “Forward” Master noooooooooooo!

Dont gooooooooo D:

See you.

…you know, just because you’re sick of the game, doesn’t mean you have to leave the community…

Well it’s not because I’m sick of the game, it’s more I use my time towards others now :confused:

It’s still a great game. And also I have a bunch SOLs and stuff coming up, then I’m taking a summer school class so I wouldn’t be on for long anyways…
And I will still check on thing every now and then. Don’t worry good friends I havnt forgotten u!

But… Thats just what tib said. Now look at how often he comes on XD But it’s sad we are losing some of our community. :frowning: I will miss you master and good luck with summer school! I guess… I hope you really do check on often like you said

Burrr lol

I will post stuff every now and then, but will probably check in weekly or something.

No problem, Master. See you around! You’ll always have a place here!

Ey bud. Looks like I just missed ya qq

Have fun and all dat. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not back. Way too busy. xD

But I’ll catch you on the next game, ya? :slight_smile:

Tib! Good to see you are still alive XD Well, Hi and bye I guess. Hope to see you on next game

good bye my son go see the world. you shall be missed greatly. we love you

I thougth I posted in here, weird anyways, see you Master youll be missed, come back soon or when the next game gets a forum.