Luxyrion has last bite?!

This can’t be right. The encore egg features 5 monsters, one of them luxyrion. On the egg screen, it shows each monster one at a time, explaining their strategies. And when it got to luxyrion, it said he had last bite. There’s no way that can be for real, is there? I’m pretty sure that the godfeather and dragaia are the ones that have it. A typo, perhaps?

It’ll be a typo… Woo free gem!

Exactly what I was thinking haha

All this time lux had last bite I had one and never knew lol

Yeah it’s meant to be twin knock back

speaking of encore egg, is this egg worth spending on?

Rexo, yes. Apollo, not at all!

oh, im currenty reriolling but am getting tired haha,so debating just dropping some cash money.

Well for one, when you start, your first egg is always going to be a normal egg roll. You would only get the chance at the festival egg on your second or third egg

I wish luxyrion had last bite, it would be so OP xDD

If you’re rerolling, you want a last biter! You just starting? Or a different account?

yea im gunning for it, but been a good few days now, does it make thaaaat much difference? last bite woubl be penguin,godfeather and dragonia right?

There are only two of them and their evos, correct.

ah thanks, was thinknig there are 3 since i’ve seen all 3 of those names tossed around!

Penguin = Godfeather :grin::+1:t3:

I msg the devs they have gotten back to me and they will fix the mistake asap

And by fixing, you mean they change the typo, not the skills on luxyrion? :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t need last bite on luxyrion, I allready have Godfeather and recently rolled Dragaia as well. So this leaves me with the question: do you guys think it can be good to use them both in a team, like doubling chances to use last bite? Or if not, wich one is better?

I really need trading ability now in this game…

Dragaia has slightly better stats but godfeather is better in pvp cause it isn’t weak to flarevern.
Also godfeather is cool.

But if you was in pvp you got down to dragaia vs penguini dragaia would be better so if I was going to use one I would use dragaia I think

if it gets to dragaia vs penguini then the game is never going to end anyway

Dragaia is so much cooler!! But yeah you can definitely use them both. One way that actually benefits a team is to have one as an assisted type sweeper on your frontline and then use retreat when he is in trouble. And then you would have the other one at the end of your team. This would be like a safety net in case the one dies.

I don’t think it’s a very good idea to have both of them, because they could cancel each other out, like where they’re the only two left, so neither can bite. And if your opponent isn’t an idiot, he’ll definitely make sure to kill both at the same time.