Ideas about egg

Was just wondering if the monsters i got from the eggs below are good enough or i should just restart again and save my gems and get a legendary from the first egg then when the festive egg comes ill have a tonne of gems saves up then i could get my transfer code generated and keep rerolling until i get a tonne of goodies. Thoughts?
My current team mentioned above

You’re definitely not bad-off with those mons but I have also theorised the idea you just mentioned and think that would be an excellent plan…I would say since you haven spent any money you really dont have anything to lose here.  I myself have spent over 60 dollars so I would lose out.  

Here is what i got the team to in the last our or two and the only reason i was hesitent in doing this was because i really like the legendary i got right now however if worst comes to worst and i do this and dont get anything good i can just transfer this account back

Any other opinions?


Save your gems for the next festival eggs.

I have made the new account and got the electic penguin from my first agg and starting saving gems. But i was just wondering if the penguin is even that good or should i just go for a better legend

Dont ever under estimate the Penguini…He has last bite, a rare move amongst legendary monsters that does critical damage and recovers a ton of HP in the process and is 50 TU aka he can destroy entire teams by himself…

I think ill probs keep then and keep hoarding gems till event. On 12 gems now. Also when does he get the last bite?

same as last sivivor  as I know.

I mean what evolution

Which monsters have last bite?

Dragaia and The Godfeather are the ones I’ve seen with it

I don’t have either of them…

Oh well. Never mind.

So does the ultra evolution only have it on the penguin

It has it before ultra evolution, when it is Don Penguini. I think the ultra evolution gets desperate all. As said previously, he can take out entire teams on his own. I have taken out the dungeons on the last map with just Don Penguini (full trained)

Ultra evolution gets knockback, a pretty uselss skill that takes up 250 TU

Edit: oops that was for the legendaries with auto poison. Yeah they get retreat which doesn’t make much sense, since you would put them at the back anyway.

no…dragaia and godfeather both get last bite on the evolution right before their ultras (so gigarock and don penguini respectively). the ultra ability they both get is something called retreat which is amazing. so their ultra evolutions have these passives and abilities to sum it up:

passive: stun immunity and hold ground
abilities: assisted aoe (either thunder or quake), life flip self, last bite, retreat