Lumimalus Discussion

I can see him with deviladus combo. Deviladus give him 1 kill, and 100 sec later he Will get double bloodlust (so we can’t ignore him that time). If we try to kill him, the revenge Will also awkard to deal.

But the combo is very expensive.

Unpopular opinion, weakest myth is stronger then alot of A and S- legendary monster. :sweat_smile:


Bruuuuh. Why does his revenge triggers ALL of the death sentences on BOTH sides.

You made the coolest looking mythic and gave him the clunkiest skillset you were able to.


there is only 1 monster that actually gives yourself death sentence - tricertalon (though i suppose ankoudragon too). thats not clunky lol.


Two things to make it actually viable and somewhat on the level of current myths

β†’ revenge triggers on enemy side only (make it same as Isoldelle - 2nd form full battlefield, awakened enemy side)
β†’ double retribution has absolutely no damage and needs to be changed to something actually useful like: Backbite or Swift Shield Self
β†’ SS: Raw Deathstroke (user has to have 1 kill) 50tu

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