Anybody used lullaby? I’m curious if it’s just a chance of hit or if it’s vs enemy stats?

Its a chance of hit but it misses alot

lullaby is weak so miss a lot.

If it does hit, even if it hits only one arkadion, spam Dreamhunt. I was fiendishly delighted when I found out my skullwraith’s dreamhunt was actually AoE when an enemy is sleeping. I think this is the best 6* out there, or one of the best. Plus it’s ridiculously common and doesn’t require evolving to get.

But it dies quickly, and so does most lullabiers. At least from my experience.

Yeah but what if u put ur own arks to sleep and all on the enemies missed? Haha that happened to me alot

Depends on the ark, some effect your own some don’t.

If one is asleep, then seems to do extra damage to all enemy arks? At least that is my experience, I will have to experiment further to confirm this, because I may have just rolled high hits on awake arks

Confirmed i tested abit and wow kook i never realized skull wraith was so good! I just use (borrowed from tib) orcows sleep gas anubis purify and bam shadow stalk AND skull wraith everyone now!

Yeah, I think it’s with other similar skills too. But I just know about Dreamhunt. Haha