Losing when you win

Now, most of the time with the “won but lost” glitch, it just says DEFEATED, as opposed to the disconnected pop-ups, right? Well, at least with my experiences. So…idk, what was the cause? I don’t think I disconnected. Why would it?

I’ve noticed that every time I experience this glitch/bug, Don Penguini is one of the last monsters. Is this the case for you all? Perhaps it’s a bug with the volatile ability?

Yes. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence. It’s because of his ability to deal massive damage once he dies which *maybe* forces a tie and the game seems to think the opposing hunter won.

Exactly what I was thinking. A bug with the volatile ability.

Though I have had this happen when I had 6 monsters left too. Idk…

Well at least we know that it pretty much has to do with Don Penguini. Maybe the game thinks Volatile just basically kills everything. But the devs have to take a look at this because this is perhaps a possible solution to that glitch people seem to keep receiving.

No, this happened to me wheN i was not using don penguini 

Indeed. Hopefully, the glitch can be resolved and we can get back to battling! :smiley:

Storm thunder - no, I was asking if your OPPONENT was using Don Penguini.

Still never came across this glitch

This is very annoying…i had such a great head to head battle only one monster each left…barticadus vs. cherub… I won because i got a bonus attack.such a beauty of a fight…and then-defeated! Frustrating.

Yes same here!!! It has been with don penguini!!! But I always thought volatile was for that one monster that killed him. But I also have had loses when I’ve had my 3 arks up front with like 2 others waiting.

Also the information on volatile says that it does not activate if the killing blow was a battle ending blow. So perhaps that particular aspect of volatile somehow isn’t triggered in pvp?

One time it said I won, when I was actually defeated.

My last arky was the final evolution of brakie though.

When I actually won (but it said I lost) the last monster I killed wasn’t don penguini, it was a meowzard

I get this alot too but I dont remember what THE last arkadion in line was

I don’t think it’s specifically related to Don.  I’ve seen it happen with and without him, but the devs are certainly aware of this PVP problem and working on it.