Looking 4 A Clan

Go to Z19, as far as I know you can’t join F2P coz you spent like a lot of money.

Yeah F2P don’t want me Mr. Money bags lol

Lol its ok, were still friends even if we have diff clans. :slight_smile:

$300 in 25 days is a lot of money!! Haha

Went a little ham during the festival. :D 

$300 for 12 legends. You are pretty lucky.

SS and Sancti + SE TT?
You already have a sleep team after 25 days.

I am searching for all these for nearly 150 days now :slight_smile:

Yes,very nice monster,that will let you set different strategy :wink:
And a question,why not making a use of your Geo?he is very good.
Wish you best
F2P Arash

I am not sure how to use him or where he should be placed… any pointers?

Hmm… if you want you can just spam backstab and then put like 2-3 stun revengers…

It WOULD be easier :stuck_out_tongue: that’s how I’m using my geo on UC

I was thinking of putting him in with Freeznix and backstab it after using create duplicate to proc its death revenge 5 times…but i am not sure how to really fit that in on my current team. 

You need to choose between SS and Geo,since both are FL type.
I suggest putting stun revenge at fl beside Geo and SS and Santa.following with stunreveng/stun bomb/stun entrance.so you can easily setup Geo and have enough time fit TDS.you also should bring your poison monster in team,yours are middle type monster.you can easily set a twine death in middle too,you have a tank protector and two good monster for this too.very various strategy.
Have fun
F2P Arash

I’ve messaged in our chat regarding this waiting to see what they say :slight_smile:
add iamsu83 on line he will invite you to the clan :slight_smile:

unlock its secret skill, it’s ridiculously good, put him somewhere in the middle follow by shocking entrance, then ally sub shocking into rockoid and backstab it, you get another shocking entrance and bloodfury is charged, that’s just one of the ways how people use him :slight_smile:

For UC… use him to backstab sleep monsters, or stun stun monsters… thats what I’m doing, then use all of the unwanted entrances monster, backstab those after having spammed unwanted entrance. Now use SS and Sanctis to sleep lock the monsters with Darkozord and SE protecter for stun and AOK counter. that should get you pretty far at least top 300 in UC