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I have a doubt, but more than a doubt a wish.
I play different mobile games: Call Of Duty Mobile, League Of Legends Wild Rift, Empire, Hungry Shark World and others…
All these games included above have one thing in common: You can log in using your Gmail account… Some like Call Of Duty Mobile and Wild Rift can also log in using an Activision or Riot account…

In the case of Neo Monsters, this would avoid massive account sales, multi-accounts, and many new players who are unaware of the importance of the restore code would avoid losing their beginner account.

My question is: is it possible for Neo Monsters to enable that Login option?

My humble opinion, although no one cares…yes I would like the login through Gmail account, that would help me to increase my level in Google Play Games

What do you think? @Killerdog @Dev_VKC


Hello brother-in-law😝 send a kiss to Amy from my side please
And u idea is terrible, Neo is good cause only ask for a code,i play Clash of Clan before and i lost my Gmail and now I can recover the acc,and with only a code is more easy,my code is in my memory even i can say to u xqec… Lol🤣


There are pros and cons to any account system. However you do it, people will always find a way to get themselves locked out of their account and needing support to fix it.

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Want to play again ??
I have an account of th11 max (th12 now) (i left the game 1 year ago due to studies and now really i am not interested in it )
Well talking about coc they did something similar to restore codes and created their own supercell id , which made things easier to login and restore account if u lost it .

I will send you greetings to Amy :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

I expected another answer, maybe an explanation with details or something like that. But it’s okay…


This is a public forum. Please don’t share anyone’s GF information here🤣

this way is a much better way to save ur acc tho
Much better than memorizing a code for an acc

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first of all, u play coc?
second of all, thats literally the reason how i got my acc back. that supercell id saved me years of grinding


Yes i was quite competetive in coc .
I have like 3-4 max accnts
Recently gave that th12 one to loki


Is his sister lol