Legend of the depths side quest

How do I beat the 3 leviathan? I I have 5 lvl 90 monsters, but they all die quickly because of the stupid bonus rounds. It’s insane. I tried to kill them 4 times.


  1. Using flash bomb.

  2. Using water void.

  3. Using tanks.

  4. Using your First Ones.

  5. Using stun skin arkadions.

You’ll really need to use stun skin to cut the bonus action, then use flash bomb to add stun to them, and then do some major damage.

You’ll also need high level monsters. I had to skip that quest, go off to the Crescent Island, level up some more, and then go back to finish it.

Edit: agree with Kookaset, water void is great. 

Alright. Thanks guys. Idk what monster has flashbomb.

Flash bomb is on stormfox.

Good luck!

I beat it first try giggle