Anyone know how to beat the three Leviathans?!?

Need help defeating the three leviathans near yarlen, they each must get like 4 bonus actions each turn, I have a 99 Glazio, two level 80s, 1 lvl 70, 3 lvl60, and 11lvl 50s with 2lvl40. They get ripped to shreds…HELP

I would recomend a few chopper bugs (or stunn skin folks up front in your team) and then some strong wind ARK’s. If you have typhonwyrm he would work great with his vengeance. I would then tell you try and take them down one at a time. Single target is your friend. I’ll list a few recomendations here in a minute for you that should help.


Top picks for availability and damage:

Raptorex wind type and dracobane <he’ll do some great damage and isn’t to hard to farm.

Levi isnt too bad either and has Dracobane as well

Don penguini isn’t to shabby either with chain beak can hit all three levi’s (i dont recomend as much but still a solid choice), but if you have a large lineup using his throw is a really solid choice. (this is more of a last resort, but can do soe heavy damage)

Top picks for strategy and availability:

Raijin his chain spark hasted can get in a lot of damage fast and you can sac one with flash bomb to buy you more time a few of these guys after your stun skin guys could get you ahead Dulahan he has stun gift and is super easy to find, if you put a few of him after a raijin you can pretty much get this going.

Dullakhan >stungift(dulakhan dies)> Raijin > chain spark (all levi’s stunned) ) > dullakhan comes in > plague > Raijin > chain spark > dullakhan >repeat from begining

pleanty more I’m sure but that might help you along the wway

a relatively easy farm could be:

raioh,chopperbug, chopperbug, raioh, raioh, (haste ark here), Raijin, raijin, dullakhan, raijin, dullakhan, dullakhan, dullakhan

best part about this the only creature’s you need to level are the raijins =D since everyone else is more utility.not too sure how awesome it would be but an idea non the less. Jeanette’s more 99’s suggestion will go a long way as well.

Farm more 99’s and use arkadions with dracobane!