Grade booster bug?

I just used my grade booster ive got from this week mission for my monster, and it went from grade B to A. When i went back to the real world, the monster was not grade A but B. Is this a bug? Can someone else confirm this? Grade boosters are already so rare, and now it does not even seem to have any impact on my monster :worried:

Save state problem. After using a gradebooster you should click around the app a bit so the game knows to save another save file. I’m afraid that your gradebooster is almost certainly lost.

Naaa he can go back on the floor he got it from floor 17 and then do it again .

Since the game saves every time you go to town. Every time I get something I was hunting I go to town, leave move a tile, and go back to town just to make sure it did save. I also leave and renter the town if I make any changes and I don’t plan to play more afterwards.

When I got my grade booster, I couldn’t select any arkadions to improve. It just wouldn’t do anything when I clicked the “choose” button. I just started clicking, and ended up selecting an already “S” rated guy and it finally worked. So I didn’t get any benefit from that grade boost. Has this happened before?
Just realized what happened. I had gotten a level boost, not grade boost, so it wouldn’t apply to level 99 guys