Let's talk about capitalism

I’m just a duck so no one gives a ■■■■ about my political views, but @NMEGaryOak @DMG_Rocket @SPN_Selene @Exu and anyone else who wants to talk about why capitalism is either the best system or the root of all evil can bring their posts here.


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Politics? In MY mobile game?
It’s much likely than you think.

Oh sangwoo was not a terrible person and did not what happened to him. :pleading_face:

Capitalism is bad mainly because humans are greedy and are never satisfied. It allows endless growth and is favourable to those who are already rich so it’s always going to create inequality.

I’m not a communist, but if you think about it, Marxian communism is probably the perfect ideology for life on a utopian Earth. Again it can’t work because humans are too greedy.


I didn’t understand a ■■■■ still that sounds good to me.
@DMGInterference can you find any grammatical error with vowels in Exu’s post ?


@Killerdoggo didn’t deserve a 10century suspension.


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Communism could have worked if it had 1 additional factor implemented.
The whole equation would have resulted in C+ X= Stonks!

Why do you do this to me?

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@SPN_Selene Thank you for sharing your video. I enjoyed it. (Haven’t finished it yet but I will later). What I’ve learned over the last few years is:

  1. Nearly all countries paint themselves in a favourable light when teaching their history. The world gets different versions of events. What upsets me most about this is that colonisation isn’t even taught in British Schools, and it arguably has more impact on today’s society than WWII.
  2. Due to a variety of factors, but mostly propaganda driven social media, people are politically more divided than ever and have become incredibly polarised. I always think rather than left vs right, capitalism vs socialism, the world should try to understand that each works better in certain situations. For example business or public healthcare etc.
  3. Buff stealth.

That’s why socialism is advocated instead of communism. Saddest part js people look at countries like mainland china and think “look how they are doing” when the country itself came out of being 3rd world country is because they used capitalism to their advantage and used people like infinite resources. People also don’t look totalitarainism does not equal communism which is what these so called “communist” countries do. Socialism is the key to a better future. There is absolutely no reason for people like bill gates and jeff bezos to get richer everyday while his workers are doing all the work. Cooperation as an idea is a capitalist idea and it literally uses modern slavery so I can never support a capitalist idea but I can see why people would be iffy about communism. Like you said, greed does destroy everything.


Yes! He said “utopian” instead of “Utopion”, forgetting he’s in a Neo Monsters server. Unforgivable! The council will decide his fate.


Imho one of the fundamentals flaws of capitalism really is the concept of laissez-faire. Large scale unregulated markets, like every competiton not subject to rules, actually follows the rule of the survival of the fittest, which means the strongest.
As we can see, this means few superpowerful corporation are gonna dominate the scene with little to no competition.
The “invisible hand” of Smith can work on small scale markets, like the one of a tiny urban center, but as soon as you bring it into a worldwide scope it inevitably leads to the defeat of small competitors.

I actually believe that capitalism is indispensable for the development of a society. Since 1600-1700, when the only form of economy was the cultivation of the large estate of the great landowners, the rise of the capitalistic and progressive bourgeoisie strengthened the central power of the state.
Capitalism meant dynamicity and progress, advancing past the stagnant and immobile economy, unchanged since feudal age. It’s not a coincidence that the most significant progresses in agriculture technologies have been carried out ONLY by capitalistic landowners: after all, how can we imagine a lazy aristocratic landowner actually investing in whatever progress? Don’t we live in the best of all possible worlds?

Capitalism is responsible of countless advancements of civilization but the breaking point was with the Industrial Revolution. Then and there, it was evident that the old gap between commoner and aristocrat continued to exist, now between worker and employer. A materialistic (and utilitaristic) view of work and wealth, combined with the creation of a large scale market, is what really showed the true colours of capitalism.

Socialism was, and still is, the best thing to happen to the working class. Social policies like public healthcare, retirement funds and reasonable working hours have all originated from socialism and they’re some of the most important factors to define the wellbeing of a country.
Shame socialist parties always fretted over the tiniest irrelevant detail and rarely were able to properly unify to advocate for worker’s rights.

I liked FDR’s economic policy back in 1933. It was the perfect mélange of socialism (more investments into healthcare and the other social policies, like CCC and AAA) and capitalism (Emergency Banking act, devaluation of currency to boost import-export, etc). He was the first to understand that austerity was not necessarily the way, instead direct state interventions was necessary.

Mixed economics will always be the best compromise and, as much as it makes me a stereotypical centrist, I don’t think we should renounce to either the dynamicity and freedom of a capitalistic economy or the attention to the lower classes and the general well-being driven by socialist policies. Why not have both?


Yes! I was there when it happened. It was a quote shared on the Discord which struck to him deeply.

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Should be

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Cheema made a bad joke about the word utopian because Neo has the monster “Utopion” in it.

Is correct. I simply used British English grammar because I used to live in the UK.


I also corrected your comma placement

He also wrote ‘a’ utopian instead of ‘an’ Utopion. How can you ignore that ?

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Seems like we have too many players from China and UK here.