🍋 Lemons SE team 💥

Hey guys. I recently had a hell of a lot of people ask me about my SE team I ran last PvP so here it is!

For those who don’t know me, I’m a free player with terrible luck, so this PvP I embraced it and ran a full SE team. Despite not being able to play most of the weekend due to a house move, the team managed to break top 50 a few times but eventually came 66th. A lot of Top 10 and even some Top 3 players lost to it. Here’s how I made it viable…

Knowing I would never be able to outmuscle the enemy, it had to be strategic, so I turned to Flutters to provide the backbone of the strat. Players often run Flutter blue as a stun absorber so I ran sherloid 5th so players wouldn’t realise a pair was coming until it was too late. By the time sherloid is in, they would have to bypass it to avoid the pairing. Sleep and stun lock incoming.

Flutter Green would sleep everything it could and anything left such as a sleep immune mon like Gyo would be repeatedly stun gunned by flutter. Purple would then clone as much as possible and Scarley or Galv would be sweeping. The challenging part would be to set this up and avoid a FL massacre from a load of legends. The metas I often faced and the way I countered them were:

Canni and AoE: Fairly straightforward. I was always happy to lose my entire FL if it means getting Green and Purple on the field. The high TU would mean that the sleep lock would be guaranteed

Seaworld: Scarley one shots Dolpheonix because Excessive force ignores Defence. Now dolphreeze is vulnerable to stun gun.

Thlugs: probably the hardest one because there was no way to sleep lock. Galv would stun pulse the OoO. They’d usually resort to Beckie. Sherloid would be a soft counter in 5th from the sleep. By the time the opponent had killed elephant and Sherloid, the sleep would be nearly over.

Poison/ Scorp: Scarley to toxic killer scorp. Usually it would get a few turns due to the acceleration from Flutter, the protection and a stun pulse from Galvbane on the biggest threat. Elephant to purify is vital.

The midgame was particularly fun. Bloodclone is good and Djinzar is a beast. GT to flutter purple, GT back to Djinzar and you’re already 1 60 tu heal away from a death wish. If I was still sleep locking at this point I would simply bloodfury a HG mon. Fortunately due to a buff I suggested a while ago, it has unmovable so it was a safe sweeper to use.

One problem with SE teams is dealing with stun. There’s no SE stun counters or converters. If you put your Absorbers too far apart and you get stunned. Too close together and they get stunned and suddenly you’re 2 vs 4. The AP stun absorber is key because it means the latter can’t happen because the opponent will have to kill it at some point. Also 400 sec megabomb from flutter blue helps prevent this.

Poison to finish. Cobra, flutter red and the abyss soldier are so strong!! They could one shot legends fairly easily and would have a lot of power. Flutter pink also helps with retribution. By this time, there would usually be too many sweepers to deal with. Searguard for Scorp end games and players running stun counters/ absorbers.

So there it is! GGs to all the players I won and lost to. If I played you with it let me know! Any thoughts are welcome :blush:


@Broly @vlad_auguis @TOG_Uenoyama there you go :blush:

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Wow, I have everything here except for Volcaiga… to think I could’ve pulled off the very same thing lol. I guess I just don’t have the same amount of faith that you do hahaha

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This is one of the most amazing teams I have ever seen. Perhaps I’ll make my own SE team once I get the last few monsters I need.

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I remember losing to this due to that auto protect cloning flutter. … -_-

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Hahaha I lost with the team, the green flutter slept all my monsters hahaha Gg brother


My favorite team of yours! namely because it’s AP spam :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

BTW I played against you at least twice. Once as Saitama another time with a different IGN. My scarleguard bypassed your protectors a few times. I managed to win but felt like if I didn’t stop green flutter and AP flutter it would be dangerous.

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Fortunately I don’t regard it as AP spam as I allow gaps with no APs :wink: haha I remember our games. You were one of the few players I recognise who didn’t lose to it at some point!

@DMG_LUCKDRAGON GG! Purple is hard to overcome.

@LDN_TiO_OoO I remember the match well! It was tight! GG

@Phantom00 your words are too kind. Thank you so much :blush:

I forgot to mention, this team had a 60% ratio, although I played with a lot of combinations beforehand, but this team probably had about 130 games.

Your SE team is very powerful. But I think it will have some trouble when with the stun team.I have already screenshot this team. The next special pvp.it will be a good model.

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Stun was hard to manage and needed a lot of thought. Djinzar and Purple have give turn to keep my absorbers in the game. I don’t mind if the Gearcroc gets stunned. Cobra doesn’t matter if it’s stunned because it’s there for that reason and to poison. Leoronix would hopefully protect before stunned. I’d use pair rockoid morph to bring it in earlier if needed :blush: Stun was difficult though. I might run a 1 Or 2 element team next PvP.

Awesome team man!

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Got sleep locked by this. Lovely team!

Thank you! Gutted to just miss out on top 50 but it was fun!

@LemonSqueezy Hello there, I am a new member to this community and found your content on this SE to be informative. I also have terrible luck with egg hatching and mostly have SE and few Legends. What does sherloid do btw? I tried searching the wiki, youtube and google, but found no info or skillset about it. I also have almost all of the F.D monsters, 4 out of 6 with fire and holy only missing and would love to incorporate some of the strategy here to my own team. Thank you so much! :grin:

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Hi @BORDZ26 welcome :blush: sherloid has purify and also camoflage entrance protecting it from moves like assassinate. You are more than welcome to copy the team as much as you can.

Please be aware though that since I ran that team, the game has moved on and the meta is different, so it might run into trouble now, which it didn’t used to before.

Feel free to post screenshots of your monsters on the forum and you will also receive help if you’re struggling.


Also, don’t attempt the Front line if you don’t have the green and purple flutter. That’s what the team relies on most.

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Thank you so much! I will be posting my monsters here and the LU im currently using, i’ll just switch to mobile in a bit :grin:

@LemonSqueezy Here are some of my monsters. But I cannot fully grasp how to utilize them :sob:. I wanna focus on sleep lock since I have wraithcaptain but I dont have goldtail or lemon yet. And then transition to utilizing torrentide as the back up if my lock fails. Here are some pics. Thank you so much for the support!