Who do you think are the best SE’s?

Top 5!

PvE or PvP?


Searguard, Scarleguard, that Sleep Rebirthing Fox thing, Willowyrm, Dualdragoon.

In terms of their functionality (in no particular order): Scarleguard, Searguard/Freezecobra (I think these two are tied), Aviaeronix, Bitterbeast and Simuronix. These will help so much in getting through the game.

My favourites:

Torrentide, Captainwhiskers, Jackalhotep, Titanomoth and Blizzheart (my first TK)

Armadinator is really nice in PvP but useless in Pve




Blue Flutter

This is the best SE

Twighoul - PvP and PvE
Torrentide - PvP and PvE
Ogremaster - PvP and PvE, especially against Maggatsuoh
Blossomight and Sanguinymph - PvP and PvE, I guess


Gonna lump Willowyrm, Bitterbeast, Freezecobra and FD iris together as one since they’re all top tier for the same reason; stun protection without exposing you to anti protect skills. Other than that, here’s my picks:

  • Ahuizard: the only SE in the game with a lethal 50 tu move, let alone one you can sweep with. Has an outstanding passive on top of that, as well as a blood move and a backup kill collecting option at his disposal.

  • Thlug Beckie: singlehandedly enables the Thlug’s shenanigans most of the time. Can be extremely difficult to prevent when she’s put in 5th or 6th, and can shut down an entire fl absolutely free provided there’s no sleep counters.

  • Spectrefox: this thing is just downright stupid. You never want to kill it since not only do you get a monster slept, but he has such a massive chance to return moments later, and get his kill to start sweeping. Which allows him to just sit there, purifying or snagging kills with impunity. (Please, for the love of god put a cap on his damn passive)

  • Armadiator: a 4 target attack that actually kills well? Perish the thought. Can be difficult to stop with his shield, and can go even more berserk if botanic or bloom gives him a hand.


Did you actually just ask for a specterfox nerf? :joy: he can only get a kill if you run stealth/camo monster or has another monster to set up sleep for him. You’ve gotta be joking about that


Blazebones (PvE) / Ahuizard (PvP)

Special mention to Captainwhiskers and Armadiator that are excellent when built around.

It’d hardly hurt to limit it to, say, 5. Still tons of room for him to be a nuisance, but it prevents the extreme scenario of him surviving in the endgame after 20+ deaths, and also gives a little bit of concrete motivation to kill him despite the drawbacks. I think it’s fair given how high his regen rate is.

The best Super Epics? Allow me to list what I think are the best Super Epics, two per type.

Earth: Flutterdrake Clover and Willowyrm
Fire: Ahuizard and Scarleguard
Water: Abyssoldier Myst and Freezecobra
Storm: Aviaeronix and Flutterdrake Daffodil
Holy: Heavenshorn and Leoronix
Shadow: Bitterbeast and Flutterdrake Salvia

Glad to see the flutters in there. Do you use daffodil much? I’ve been running it with the roaring entrance retribution and stealth teammate SE recently!

I don’t use my flutter team much, but when I do Daffodil is a definite pick.

Hmm. Maybe I should include him. What do you use to help Stealth him?

This is a really surprising one. Have you had success using it? I’m just curious because it’s been on my bench forever.

I have a bit of a LINK Water engine consisting of Iris, Triv, Tardi and the samurai frog to support it.

Heavenshorn is a lot better than people give it credit for. Sure, it’s not as powerful as some of the other Super Epics, but it can carry its weight when given enough support. Truth be told, Holy was one of the harder elements to seperate the best Super Epics from (if I had it, Antistan would’ve replaced Leoronix)