Legendary monsters consistency

Hello guys,

I was thinking about the consistency of hatching legendary monsters. As of now the only way to ensure u get a legendary is to save up to 150 gems and open 3 10-in-1 packs (except chronox). In my opinion it would be better to make this the same for all events.

For example:

  • I open 1 10-in-1 pack this festival. (1 pack opened)

  • I open a 10-in-1 pack another event - keep in mind this doesnt have to be a festival, it could just be a egg with 4% legendary chance featuring different legendary monsters (2 packs opened)

  • As of last I open 1 more 10-in-1 pack in another event and this time it would guarantee me a legendary. (3 packs opened)

The idea above is to make the rule used in festivals (open 3 10-in-1 packs get 1 legendary guaranteed) universal. So it wont be limited to festivals only. I think this would help people alot who dont like the legendarys featured in 1 particular event or who are just unlucky/impatient. I think this would make the game more consistent and give players more control over when to get a legendary.

I like this.
I am unable to save up gems😂

I suggested this long time ago and got no respond from the devs hopefully you get a respond

Yup this sound nice or when you do 30 single openings…As sometimes you don’t have enough gems and have to go for a festival opening

It would be amazing but I highly doubt it is going to happen. I can see this losing them money because you could garunfee yourself a legendary quite often. For example, I could roll three 10 in 1s for this current egg and not get any legendaries, which is extremely saddening but it’s just how it is. However with your odds I’m pretty much garunteed to get the limited edition legendary. In the end everyone will have the same legendaries because of how easy it would be to get special ones.

I still think something needs to be done about the rate you get legendaries and I was thinking just increasing the percentage. Make it 6% normally and 10% for festivals. It’s not a huge increase but it could at least make it a little bit easier to get legendaries on your team, especially for those new players who get tired of never rolling legendaries and not making it to the big leagues quick enough. There will still be a distinct gap between those who pay and those who don’t but at least new players could get what they need to make it through the initial storyline.


Honestly, I like the percentage.

I think that the devs should put in an egg that costs $5, you can buy it once each time it comes in the store, and it gives a guaranteed non-duplicate legendary that can be limited. However, this egg only comes around once every 1-2 months.

I wanna see an egg every few months that has selected legendaries in it and if you manage to land on legendary you can pick which legendary you want but only once so even if spin again and hit legendary it’s then random

Would be amazing

But so far we are the luck’s bi-tches, and we will get what he tells us to get, and we aint gonna love it.

There should be a festival where we players can choose what monsters should be featured (before the festival comes) with a survey in forum and the odd should be by 20% and this festival will happen one or twice in a year that is really fair and Devs earns much money while this festival. ;D
So come on Devs please a festival with a REALLY HIGH CHANCE TO GET LEGENDARY. This strengthens the long-time motivation and we are more satisfied.

From 4% to 20 no way Deva will do that,10% is good enough and an idea that might happen

I do believe a players choice legendary festival would be good at some point though. I won’t disagree.

The best what we should do is askind directly Devs what they mean about these ideas. We can think about that till our brains begins to smok and at the end Devs have completely other ideas in future for festivals.

How would they earn more money, now players buy and buy and buy… till they get the legend they want, but with 20% they wouldn’t earn as much, as players would roll the legend much earlier. Not haing to buy more gems