Legendary Ark

Who else thinks it would be cool if there was a legendary ark, something extremely difficult to get, extremely powerful, and for single player use only, think of it like… A trophy for all the difficult tasks you’d have to complete to get it. My idea is to have this legendary ark take 10 pre evolutions to fuse.

  1. Get one piece for beating the game
  2. Get one piece for catching all hatchlings (catching not through eggs)
  3. Get one piece by catching all starters (again, not by eggs)
  4. Get one piece by completing all quests
  5. Get one piece by reaching floor 100 in the infinite dungeon
  6. Get one piece by having 30 level 99s
  7. Get one piece by having 30 S ranked arks
  8. Get one piece by getting 100k diamonds in pvp
  9. Get one piece by having 100 hours of game time
  10. Get one piece by catching all catchable arks in the wild and obtaining all fusion arks.

After fusing all 10 pieces you receive a very OP legendary ark (only useable in single player, excluded from pvp and infinite dungeon)

Again this is just an example… But who else would like to see this?

THIS!!! ^^^^^^

That would be cool, it should be a 12* monster like a mystic type, kinda like raioha but more godly looking and grand and of course more powerful and it should have a move thats like roulette but can be controlled and hit 2 targets so you can garuntee kill 2 arks of your choice and should have AoE attack that does like 5000-5500 damage at lvl 99 and a stat boosting move that can raise attack by like 300 points and have an ability like dons that raises all active arks attack and have single target move that does 15000-16000 damage and should have about 4500 hp (all these references at lvl 99) and should be either elementless or holy (i vote for holy since no weakness and if your coming from the “godly look” approach, and yes elementless does have a weakness, its self so another elementless can have a type advantage but holy truly has no weakness)

And btw with the stat raising move i mentioned it should affect all active arks

Why not make it like  Pisces or Aquarius ? Or like the Gods? Like zeus, poseidon and Hades? Because we already got Anubis.

I would LOVE a Hades… It’s element could be Dark/Fire, that would just add to it’s uniqueness!
It’s special effect could negate all attacks from fire and dark elements.

Just because there is anubis doesnt mean there cant be more god like arks :slight_smile: and i was kinda thinking zues would be good for the ark

Poseidon, Hades, Pisces, Aquarius but I taught they mentioned that they had Zodiacs

Sounds like rather than it being an ark … It should be a ONE. That way it’s power is justified. In DIB the monster to get was dreadnought… Which in my opinion was OP.

AWW YEAH i loved deadnought he was a total bad *ss

Hey guys

That’s what first ones are

Legendary Arks

This should be the legendary ark: Click

Ok then let me change the name up. “Ultimate Ark” it doesn’t have to have legendary in the name, but I don’t want it to be a first one where you have to wait a bit before summoning it.

And Tiberius… How am I suppose to sleep now? ._.

I hate you…

Anyway, I could agree with an ultimate ark but that’s what the 12 star arks are


Yes, an OP 12 star ark that can only be obtained by completing ten difficult challenges, it would be a reward for spending so much time doing them, and would be OP enough to be excluded from pvp and infinite dungeon… Forget the Legendary part, I feel like that word distracted from everything else about this ark -_-