That guy is beast

Ok lol so the guy who helped me last time was beast , but im on the quest where u have find santi in the cave and i cant get passed lol so any help guys and also i get levi its so hard

What’s stopping you? Is it the bosses or just the arkadions?

Well i find her then i cant defeat the boss at the end

Sounds like maybe you need to strengthen your team.

If you haven’t gotten past the boss yet, try these:

Bring stun arkadions. They don’t guarantee you a win, but stormfoxes’ flash bombs and stuff really help.

Use your First One. At this point, I think you only have Zephys. That’s the worst First One you can bring to fight Aborus, but it will act like another arkadion to your team. So go ahead - it won’t hurt anything if he dies quickly. It doesn’t even waste a turn. It’s better to have a chance to deal extra damage than no chance at all, right?

Use fire arkadions. This one’s a biggie; some people don’t find elemental weaknesses helpful, but I do. Try it out at first and see if it works for you. Solama, Firewolf, Vulcaraptor, and Pyrowyrm can all be found early in the game and will help you defeat Aborus.

And if all else fails, level your team. ^^;

This applies to most bosses, so good luck! Tell us how it goes!

Where could i find pyrowyrm

Well what monsters would u recomd i have blackice remus searex mumnut and thunderback

Pyrowyrm evolves from ashie, whose location is located right here in the forums. It should be labeled under something like “hatchling locations”… ^^

I recommend what I said above: Solama (flama), firewolf (smokepup), and vulcaraptor (lavaraptor) as well as pyrowyrm (ashie).

You can also try farming for:

leviathan (levi)

georex (rexy)

bouldon (clubby)

flamogun (flamogaru)

tidalwhale (moby)