How to guarantee last biter to survive last

Hi everybody

I’m wondering if there are any specific strategies in place to seriously maximize the chances of a last biter to survive last. So far I tried putting squishy monsters in hope of an aoe clear, or putting stun bombers/suicide healers in the slots before penguini but the ai attacks extremely randomly and targets penguini a lot even when one of my other monsters is at 20% hp.

If anybody knows any foolproof or at least high percentage way to make last biters survive last, I would really appreciate that. Thanks a lot!

Well, here’s the team I’ve been using for the ultimate challenge. The flarevern, tiamazus and carnofrost are there to kick off anything with stun immunity or absorb, with Remus as kind of an emergency backup, and carnofrost of course can do his thing. It does kind of depend on all of the knock backers dying before the stunning begins. It’s better when they have timestrikers, because using knock back makes them wide open.

forgive me for being a noob, but from which monster (number wise) does the stunning begin? I recognize some of the monsters but am not sure about the others. Is it all in one straight line?

I think he starts bombing with the Dreadfish, that’s the seventh monster. And his Remus (number 8) as backup as he said :wink:

The bottom line are all stun bombers too, except for Godfeather of course :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way to make sure the last biter survives is to make all your othe monsters attack. The AI will think that they are the greater threat and kill them before the last biter.

It also helps to use unwanted friend monsters and then once you’ve dropped the shells use ultra wave or whatever to bait the timestrike

Just skip your turns with penguini and strike hard with the rest. AI will target other monsters faster then. Penguini allready has the advantage of life flip self to stay longer than the ones before him if really needed. Put a healer behind penguini to heal when those are the last two monsters. After that you’re ready to go.

Don’t get tricked to do assisted thunder, just skip your turns

In between your bombers, I would put some throw/ timestrikers (shadowbaron, luxknight,…). They are great to do a timestrike and then continue with bloodcrave. They can take out a lot of monsters before penguini. If you use their bloodcrave and skip turn with penguini, AI will mostly target them first, killing them before penguini.