Where's that monster

Because the wiki isn’t updated and nor is the spreadsheet ready yet (obviously, it’s only been a couple of days) I have nowhere to look for information regarding a couple of arkadions that have been so far eluding me.

does anyone know where to find:

nilox and evolutions of

mushroom (not sure if that’s actually his name or not)

cherubion and evolutions.

please and thank you :slight_smile:

Nilox: in the wastelands area where Dahag is, I think in the mountains near the northeast.

Musharoo: on one side of the broken bridge at the south of the wasteland, I forgot which side. I think the wastelands side.

Cherub: north of Windon, if you go kind of northwest you’ll find a spot on some brown mountains. That’s where it is.

This is what I recall from my memory, at least - provided none have changed positions since beta. 

Actually, that Wiki is a lie.

the beta testers are putting together the wiki but we want to wait and make sure everyone has had a reasonable amount of time to explore the game.

I only gave information because I feel enough people have figured it out by now to where they will say the answers anyway.

Thanks mate, I’m at 83% completion so it’s not spoiling anything for me at least.

Anyone know the location of Venitiger’s baby form?

PvP reward 560000 diamonds

Is cherub that lil angel?

Yes it is

Thanks :slight_smile:

Guessing cherub are rare? Been looking in the mountains north of windon for like an hour

Yes, they are quite rare. You’ll find one eventually if you don’t give up. ^^

Yay! It only took 3 hours!

Lol your not the first one who spent many hours looking for one monster.  Congratz though!

I’ve only seen one in well more than an hour of searching and I didn’t like my 68% odds so I tried to poison it to weaken it. I killed it <_<

Happens pitta; believe it or not, if you keep going at it, you get used to killing it. oO

Where can you find a #163

Around Ravindal. No specific locations. :slight_smile:

I remeber seeing a holy cat monster some place but now I can’t remeber, can anyone help me

It’s on the grassy side of the broken bridge. ^^