Labyrinth of the four guardian beasts BUG!

I had my viridino untouched from the start of the game, did the earth labyrinth and now have 2 instead of a +1 version. Please fix.

That is not a bug it gives you a non plused one because you need all 4 star starters to evolve to a 5 star, and a MOALITH. Those 4 5 star starters are needed to evolve to Chronozeros

So is there no way to get a +9 starter monster?

only with potions
use the potions before you evolve them into their final form though
the “normal” ultra evolve is fine, they will only need epic potions until this point (4 of 5 stars)
but once you do the additional ultra evolving (where you need all 4 evolved starters + moalith), they will need super epic potions, because now they will be 5 star mons
also note, when you evolve them to their final ultra evo, they will always use the highest+ mon for the one you are evolving to and always use the lowest+ mon for the other 3 ingredients
for example:
you have all starters at +9 and also an extra set of all starters at +0
you want to evolve Redkong into Rexkong, so the +9 Redkong will be chosen and become a +9 Rexkong, while the other 3 starters with +0 will be chosen as ingredients and you keep your +9 set of starters
that’s why it is important to always keep at least one (if not more!) complete sets of evolved starters as backup, because if you only have 1 set and all are +9, then all those other +9 starters will be destroyed as ingredients for the one that you evolve! you will lose 3 +9 mons, that you could have saved

Thanks very much for this. Very detailed and a big help. Better get grinding for those mons haha