Is awakening kirina worth it ?

It would be appreciated if i get the answer today because my friend is a newbie and got achance to hatch kirina today from newcomer festival egg

According to the info he gave me he didnt find satomi,lucifeele
He currently has 109 gems

Awakening a mythic takes about 2000 gems. Unless he’s willing to spend the money to do that, don’t aim for awakening a mythic just yet.

Kirina is a great monster to own in second form. With a bit of support she kills enemies at crazy speed. She is especially good in PvE.

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Four shards take an average of ~2133 gems.*

Be sure to keep in mind there will likely be a fortune shrine for 1200 gems when the anniversary arrives.

You will also have a significantly higher chance of awakening a mythic during the anniversary if they guarantee a mythic on every tenth pack. I haven’t ran the odds yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes less than half the gems to awaken a mythic for the anniversary egg.


Thank you for your valuable information

im still waiting for our dear devs to release kirina’s icon hehe
i bet she’ll look awesome