Killing Shadowstalker

Shadowstalker is very tanky. But leaving it alive is very risky as its Daydream (50% chance of success) + Dreamhunt can one-shot most Arks.

Let’s share how you counter it in PVP, here are what I do/what I have seen people doing:

(1) Knock it back. But you still have to deal with it at the end.

(2) Minespider’s time bomb. This is my current strategy.

(3) Mysticbane from Shisaguard. Forget about it, it is too weak, only hits ~300.

(4) Plasmorex’s Acid body. I have been seeing people doing this, putting a Plasmorex to bait Shadowstalker’s Chain claw, which will lower Shadowstalker’s defence and resist significantly, making it much easier to kill. But the disadvantage is that you loss 1 Ark. Maybe Arks with Decay will be better?

(5) Stun and then Timestrike, won’t one-shot Shadowstalker, but can still deal significant damage.

Mystic bane can hit over 300

All good ways to defeat ONE Shadowstalker but what if ur opponent has 2?

Can’t happen in PvP.

lol jeannette your lucky you have two >.< but yeah they are all good ways to deal with shadowstalker. I personally do the minespider one.

I have 2 one a and one s but can only use 1 in pvp. Xeno slash hits up to 700 on it

I use Banish :wink:

Oh yeah in pvp u can only use one ! I forgot

I currently run a minespider strategy. Great minds think alike, I suppose. n.n

In the future, banish will be an absolutely hilarious way to ruin strategies.

Otherwise…actually, I’ll be putting forth those strategies when the monsters come out. I’ve been thinking a lot, and although I can only work with what I’ve battled, there are some ideas I’d love to try.