Just why?

well, someone needs to tell me why this only happens with me, I have been saving and then hatching at once!, after gruesome task of collecting gems,
when I got to hatch,
what I got were just 3 epics, and 16 bonuses of epics, and one SE, which is useless , as I already mossagltith and that was a protector!,…
like I just have hatched one legendary and that is dolphoenix and a musalem which is not great, and the two myhtics I have hatched are novemantra which is useless for me and a falloutdragon

can some tell me why this happens with me?, and please dont say hatch on FESTIVALS, as last time I hatched on festival I didnt got any great mons!,

some one needs to tell me why this happens with me

Novem is useless to you? Lol you just said you have Dolphoenix and Mulasem. You have Fire mons but Novem is useless to you? And Falloutdragon is fantastic for PvE and still could find a niche spot in PvP. You’re complaining from hatching too many Mythics? I dont understand.

My advice, wait for a Festival and in the meantime you should definitely get yourself a Galvbane, it will help.


How many packs so far ?

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Well the way he says is 16 epic dupes 1 new epic and 1 SE so I’m guessing 2 packs

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So he is feeling sad for 2 mythics n 3 legendaries from what seems to be at max 4-5 packs ? Hmmmmmm


You got two bad packs in a row, but got stuff previously. I’m missing the point a bit here.

Collecting monsters is all about the gacha. You’ll get unlucky at times but you’ll build your collection slowly.


I love how we have daily threads now of people complaining about gem usage.


@DMG_INFERNO you should watch my hatches… So you can have a taste of what unlucky means


They are newbies, they don’t have any idea how difficult is to collect.


hey yeah I agree with you, but most of the times, dolphoenix is killed very easily which instantly makes novem useless, iykwim!
I have a galvbane, and can you tell me when is the next fest

and my current team is

could u help me out with my team building pleasee​:slight_smile::slight_smile::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::confused::confused:

today was my 50th day, and I guess I had have about 5 packs till now

yeah I guess, that is true

ok bro, thanks , Yeah I got stuff back, but not getting recently I guess, I will get stuff in future

@Killerdog can u help me in building my team perfectly please


yeah I have watched ur hatches on youtube, you are great at giving click baits though😂

I guess so

5 packs and 5 mythic / legendaries . You shouldn’t be complaining


I guess , but like last few hatches have been dissapointing

@Professor_Oak can u help me in team building pleasee😕