Just hatched 8 eggs

So I just hatched 8 gold eggs from the festival egg and I got 3 epics and 1 of the shittest super epics there is 2 necro drake dupes and a scorpionite dupe and a shark knight dupe like wtf cmon so unfair

Feels like they lowered the drop rate, had 15 spins, 10 epic dupes, 3 super epic dupes and 2 new but shitty super epics. Was saving the gems since the last “real” festival egg

3 rolls here. Cryoling legendary, elysion super epic, velocirex super epic :slight_smile:

How to time roll egg sir?

6 rolls
2 dups of epics and 1 epic, 1 tiamof, 3 super epics pegasion, vulcaraptor, shadowlance

The second account only got 1 super epic dinosaur water thing and 1 super epic dup magmalithian, 1 zephyrox and stupid epics with 7 spins…

3 rolls:
1 epic
1 super epic
1 legendary (zivel) so lucky

I got zivel out of 14 rolls that was the only decent thing in my pulls

5 rolls, 3 epic dupes, 1 new epic, 1 super epic dupe…i will forever have one legendary haha