Ivyling and Bahamud info?

Does anyone know the movesets for the evolutions of these? I’d love the screenshot if you have them.


I don’t think anyone has Bahamuzar yet, since special eggs aren’t a good chance for spinning.
Here’s willowyrm’s stats and moves.
Ultraquake (All)
Stun Flash
HP: 3307
ATK: 3595
DEF: 3595
SPD: 34

Is willowyrm the final evo?

http://imgur.com/a/qguEsThat’s ivyling fully evolved


It’s a stun flash survivor monster

thank you!

Sorry, I know it’s kinda late but I’m new to this forum… I’ve had bahamuzar for like 3-4 days now.

Ultraquake (all)
Summon swarm
Sacrifice heal

Hp 4196
Atk 4540
Def 4540
Spd 32

I figured he will be slow and he might die before he does anything so its good to have protectors with him