there should be items that do certain things when equipped but are usless in regular pvp so as to be fair

special item pvp should be made to acomadate all

please leave your sugestions below?


Yes, I quite like the idea of more types of items. In addition, I quite like the idea of silver being more useful. The reasoning behind being more cautious with silver is the fact that players often find ways to exploit currency and end up with a lot of it. And if that happens, it’s not so easy to remedy the problem. 

Even still, I’ve always been of the opinion that a game’s features should not be limited because of the potential for a player to exploit them. Really, a player can always find a way to exploit a game if he or she tries hard enough. If the game is coded well enough, the likelihood ends up rather low. 

In either case, this type of idea is going to mostly apply to Monster Island now rather than Hunter Island. 

that’s why you have a flexible price, with it being a set price and then raising depending on how much more silver you have.

there should also be ways to trade silver for gold because once you get into the really late game silver is basicly useless but I doubt this will happen for the reason you stated above