Island event too hard?

So i am at 186 and i haven’t won the last 3 battles, my team is mostly poison, stun bomb and 1 protector.
Im not saying that in this moment is too hard, but what if in level 296 the other team is super buffed, it would be impossible to win with this monsters cause of their move set.
What do you think??

only 3, i lost 6times straight lvl 196

Problem is you didn’t pick a scalable critical skill for buffed teams. Poison will never get you through the end game of any event. Have to go time strike or sleep team…unless they eventually give you access to stronger monsters near the end of the draft. I’m time strike and I’m defeating teams with 6 monsters left still
Also Bloodcrave would be optimal if you come across one of those which you eventually should over next few drafts

Yeah, after 120 it abruptly started getting way harder. To be honest, I actually did a pretty crappy job picking mons. I don’t really have any particular thing going on, so it’s hard to be consistent.

U are right, i just tried a sleep bomb strategy, with a survivor and a dream hunter and it worked perfectly, but i need more dream hunters

cry me a river,I stuck at 135 for the past 11 battles.My team consists of half poison half element attacker and 2 protector

Poison is bad after the first levels… The key to success is sleep/dream hunt, survivor, and if something goes wrong I use last stand from starter + accelerate… Time strike is good too but u need more stuff to make it work… I go sleep bomb + survivor into dreamhubt and finish with accelerated last stand… Only loose to bad luck or chain stun bombs

I’ve also started out with a very bad team, you can straight it up easily in a couple drafts with a bit of luck…

Just passed 200, currently running sleep all/stun --> dream hunt, followed by epic dream hunter/give turner and protector, risky healer to heal protector, ending with poisoners. The poison ending allows my team to destroy pesky poison gas’ers as those are the bane of my team. I may try to survivor sleep bomb strategy, but I find that the sleep bombers can’t do anything until it’s charged and are generally a liability as they can’t help kill high priority targets, like epics with really strong AoE attacks.

Just checked this draft, we’re getting super epics :0 What to choose though…

Sleep is the key to all, with 1 no star-dream hunter i kill every target in 1 shot.
Too bad i just realized that, but atleast we are getting a draft shortly

Well, I was rocking sleep but after this draft I tried something new and my team got a lot more potent! And it’s much better than the RNG that is sleep all. Assisted quake destroys, can sleep/dream hunt, got a protector, stun, and give turn. It’s really strong! So glad I’ve picked my epics as grass because this line up seems strong so far.

Oh wow! I’ve been beating teams with 5 star I was hoping we would get one - 2 more hours until my draft!!

Other team have 2 bloodcrave when im newly receive 2 super epic a minute ago

I got a megabomber in my draft. He is amazing.

Assisted earth is not something you would expect in a draft. Good job!

All I need is dragaia! Haha xD

I’m at 203 I think. It’s getting easier when I got a time strike super epic (because I got 3 stun bomber, one being that octo monster). Previously it was hard for me because my draft mainly poison, which don’t really scale at high level.

The nice thing about the draft is pocks you weren’t sure about all of a sudden make your team great when you get the missing piece lol

I started with poison, which became frankly useless quite suddenly.

So sleep it is again, got a twin death killer as a super epic but last few fights haven’t been able to set him up.

i am at level 101, the buff is really annoying HAHA. i think this will be easy if you have the right monsters and you’ll encounter easy opponents. i wish i have those super epics. :frowning:

Yeah I have desperate double in my front line with two stun bomb and then poison water with another monster that does poison massacre then my last mom is a desperate bite with a stun bomb then I just keep doing duplicate

Somehow im lazy with this pushed event, did rank affect something ?
Rank 50atm