Is there any tip for a returning player?

I played like 2 years ago when last biters was meta. And had an account with many legendaries but after i got robbed i lost that account and lost the motivation to play. And now im starting from zero again. Who should i be aiming for? And did i lose the 3rd anniversary?

  1. If you bought anything then if you pull up your purchase recipts, whatever you remember about the account(the name, shared monster) then support might be able to recover your old account.

  2. You did not miss 3rd anniversary.

Disclaimer: New monsters are power crept as hell and will wipe the floor with yours.

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Fact lol.

“Last biters was the meta”

I think he means hunter island.

Back in early neo last biters where the most sought after legends and found in every team at the top. Peoples skills have improved greatly back then beating chap 5 was seen as amazing