Hello Guys!

I am a newbie here in the forum but I’m playing neo monsters since 2 months ago and i’m a f2p but unfortunately my previous phone was stolen and I didnt get the restore code so I decided to create a new account… I am hoping guys that you will help me regarding question about neo monsters… thank you

If you remember the details, the devs can restore your old account for you.

Give them as much information as you can still remember, such as:

Friend code

Shared monster

in-game name

How far were you in online/offline

Legendaries you had

Anything else you can think of.

You should contact them at shopsupport@zigzagame.net  

They should only take a few days to respond, up to a week.

You can also message their facebook page, as it has been said they are more active and respond sooner there.