Is the shop update some kind of joke?

Ok let me get this straight…
You took off 5 Shiny Legendaries to put back Buffalo?

I am shocked. Honestly, you are giving your worst right now.


There was ton of things you could share for a nice amount of tickets, and you put back Buffalo…
I am honestly and genuinely disappointed with your behavior through us players.


To be fair, they did only have 8 months to prepare the next wave of limited shop monsters :wink:


They’ll update again for anniversary I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure there’s stuff coming but they haven’t put it there yet… maybe an update this week which will add the new monsters to the game that will be added to the shop??

There was no promise new monsters would be added straight away, only that the old ones would be going. Updates almost always get delayed (in any company) so they probably planned to have it out already by this point.

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That’s not enough time give it at least 9 months guys


Make it an entire year you have to be understanding guys it’s too much work