Where is the shop update? 🥺

We haven’t had new stuff introduced to the shop for aaaaaages. I’m not just talking about a new myth, but shiny monsters or old monsters in general being added.

A few people seemed convinced the shop would be updated in Anniversary but that never came.

is it going to change soon? Maybe New Year?


90% of the player are in the same page , like waiting forever , some of them after year of saving .
That’s pretty sad , and also lazy by devs side

The shop actually was updated. A lot of the older featured legendaries/newcomer legendaries became “shop only”, and the classics like Geartyrant, Luna&Sol etc. were put in. Some SE were also made shop only.

That said, I’d like to see some new ones in there and most of all, the new shop mythic. Maybe it will be a new year’s thing this year?

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