Is it just me or the Holiday Havoc Event got easier each chapter?

Pretty sure my two legends died early during The Snow Mafioso, and I finished this chapter with almost all of my monsters died (only four left), but during Hark! Hear the Bells! only ONE of my monster died from the total of 16.

Easier? Try the extreme level, good luck with that :smiley:

I dont know but I think it is easier than Super challenge battles

The second extreme level is too difficult. Having to face a full line up of legends. Also now that Death Roulette always fails and Risky Heal All, this Holiday Havoc challenge is CRAP.

Yep really hard, the problem is the poison team lineup, very brutal ive wasted alot of tickets but finally done it with 3 remaining monsters… goodluck

try using sleep lock technique + give turn or team turner. It will work well :slight_smile: goodluck

I basically sleep locked my way through with shadowhunter and metatherion. If only I had Goldtail  :unsure:

Ya guys I’m at level 71 and having even last biter in my team and used to win all the expert and master challenges…but now it’s not the case🙁

But today at last I won the second match since all the death roulette fell on my rival’s team.

Godfeather. it’s up to him everytime things get too difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still stick on the second level. I can’t win even with last bite against all the poison and 1hko