Is it instant or not?

Had two incidents where I used an instant move while an enemy was 2 seconds away, should’ve just brought that number down to one… yet the enemy somehow gets their turn right after. Am confused… did I miss a memo?


That’s a thing usual for us now. We never use instant shield self on Mecha if there is a monster at 2 seconds unless we wanna force skip . . same for rest of the instant moves .

This is seriously broken for a long time. A few days ago I had a situation in PVP which was a challenge for my mind.

It was my turn with Novadrake and next in line was opponents Banedragon with 2sec left. I used Nova´s Second Wind 1sec instant skill. After this the opponent had it´s turn and my Nova was next with 2sec left :flushed:. Opponent used intant shock killer on Nova and had a second move and killed my Nova, with 1sec left, with dual poison touch. In summary Nova´s instant move was a 3sec move :thinking:.

Btw I stopped playing PVP for this day :wink:.

This is unfortunately a very common problem, but only in PvP. It seems to round the numbers or something weird so we have to picture each monster as potentially ±1s from where it says they are.

Guys, this is not broken or a bug. It’s DESIGN. Albeit a very crappy design.
A 1 second move takes 1 second to activate. If the next monster is on 2 seconds they are now on 1 second as well after the move is activated.
Then whoever gets the move is decided via a tiebreak.

For some strange reason the devs don’t think 0 seconds should be a thing…

The link you really want to read:

Please consider improving this design. 1 second moves should bring the monster down to 0 seconds. The Monster on 2 seconds should go down to 1 second. Hence 1 second gets priority.

I can understand Tiebreaks deciding who gets priority when things like roaring entrance and stun conversion happens at the same time. But for regular 1 second moves no need for Tiebreaks if the next monster is 2 seconds.


Cool, I don’t think I ever read that. Thanks for the link!

Yeah, that’s dumb. The game should make sure ALL monster’s TUs have been brought down as needed before it compares who’s in front.