In PvP instant abilities take 2 seconds

It happened twice now that I use my instant shield ally and I go after my opponent’s monster with 2 seconds in line.

Azra KBN does this sometimes too @Dev_VKC

When someone does “skip” it puts them “2 seconds” behind the next monster even though they’re actually just 1s behind. Seems to be a visual bug just in PvP.

Could this be the cause of what you’re seeing when someone skips behind your monster then you use a 1s skill and get placed behind them?

I’ve tried to see if it happens when an opponent’s monster is 2s behind one of my monsters without them using skip but things aligning like that is very rare and I never think about it at the time to check.

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Consider the following situation I often find myself in:

  • First move of the game goes to my beloved +9 Azra.

  • Another fast monster, say Zib, is next up is at 2 TU.

  • I use INSTANT KBN and then my Azra moves behind Zib.

  • Zib gets the next turn.

It should be Azra’s turn and Zib should be at 1 TU after KBN. It may be a visual bug as I only really notice it in FL scenarios, but I could see other 1 second Secret Skills being affected

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Very interesting! Hopefully a dev can shed some light on the topic or make sure it gets fixed.

same happened when using Ankou Instant Accelerate :frowning_face: dev need to fix this

Speaking of visual issues, would it be possible to have some better indicators for shield, poison, sleep effects, etc? Maybe a little colored circle close to the monster? It would help a lot online.

Overwatch still not fixed, goes 1 second behind the next monster. Happened a lot of times with my noxdragon especially against tt

It will be fixed for the release of Neo Monsters 4

I’ve just had deathgazer come in on the enemy team while their cobra was like 25 tu and their chrom was 44 yet chrom got their turn before cobra. Guess it’s random when 2 get their turn from gazer but to me it should be who had lowest tu


Noted. Thank you for reporting!
We will fix this before Neo Monsters 4.


Hahaha :joy::joy:

@dev_vkc the game sometimes auto skips as well when I get a notification on my phone. no offense, but your PvP is a mess.

It is sometime frustrating. I totally understand that as I play PvP too.

We are planning to replace our potato servers with better, more stable ones very soon.


Really wanna pvp against me I could beat you

@Dev_VKC what’s your IGN?

Are you “Dev KFC?!”

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I batlle dev KFC or somerhing like that , once this pvp was a damn good batlle he got some great legemds in is team
Beat him but was really close