Is Barricadus that good?

Is Barricadus good in battle? or just serves to complete the list??

It can be good in battle, at least for now. In the future, though, he’ll be hurting your team more than helping.

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What do you mean by that Ashley?

Most likely new monsters which will take it down if your talking about barricadus. And add all the angels used

He’s metal. And in the future you’ll find Arkadions that have multiple target metal slash attacks. If you use an attack of that nature against something that is metal, the 400% or 500% increase in damage won’t apply only to the metal Arkadion but also to other Arkadions that get hit at the same time, whether metal or not.

Bye bye to metallodious then too in the future ;3

Keep in mind, though, that some of the strongest monsters will be metal type. So you’ll need to play carefully :slight_smile:

*cough destructor iron heart *cough other events too *cough *cough :3

barricados is nothing but a wall thats pretty much it and shadowlance can 2HKO it easily

Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. That type of attack would almost make a bomb out of a barricadus. lol

I dont like Barricadus because he is a defensive arkadion and I like to go all out on attack haha, I dont use strategy or anything else but brute strength and thats my way.

U shouldn’t ask others if its good u need to train it and see if it fits in ur party

Well there are a few if them that have metal strike, it’s easy to know who it is. Then u can quickly take them out. Use guardian and then u can heal him up with a bunch of different guys to make him last longer. He’s a Great Wall! But only use him when u have a bunch of heavy hitters around him IMO.

People think barricades sucks?

Rooknight. That is all.

If you ever fight Octoneer / Scorpionix with a Barricadus you’ll see why I say he isn’t great. Or even a Guardiron with Ally holy that can 1 hit kill him…

Scorpionix vs Scorpionix. That’ll get someone really mad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Barricadus is very weak against to metal slash and holy. Plus it is slow, so in PVP you can’t put it at the beginning.

At the moment I use Metallodious because Decoy is a passive, but it is quite luck dependent.

But to be honest I don’t understand the design of tanks in this game. 

Barricadus basically just head butt to death after casting Guard. Very predictable, easy to counter and cause no threats. These days people usually at least have an Angelon and its Rend can really hurt Barricadus.

Metallodious basically just tackle to death and does not have Guard. Very luck dependent, easy to counter and cause no threats. How can a tank not have Guard? And its watervoid seems a bit out of place - why water so specifically? Its Escape and high speed are good at catching rares though.

Anubis’s skill set is good. Holy is good. But sadly it is not tankish enough, just similar to Angelon and Luxknight.

Yes Arks should not be able to deal massive damage and tankish at the same time. So maybe they should be given more support skills rather than a meaningless attack?

In the good old days in Dragon Island Blue, the legendary Iron King got Guard, Mighty Guard, No Guard and a 50 TU attack. It is a very fun tank to play and can suit a lot of strategies.

Iron King was SO overpowered in DIB.

Now then…you’re slightly off with the tanks here n.n

Subzeratops is well built. Not a total tank, but useful nonetheless. No guard, chain slow, and guardian…great moves.

As for barricadus. I’m surprised nobody has found out what I meant when I said “Rooknight.” It’s sooo obvious and works surprisingly well.

Anubis is bad. badbadbad…at least in my opinion. There are many better holy monsters…and better army monsters.

I hate metallodius, so meh. Say what you will xD.


Where can I find Rooknight?

I personally like Holy Arks. Other than Angelon and Luxknight, what are the other good Holy Arks that are collectable?

Future online mission.

Not many good ones atm. Astroleon, Pegasion, Guardiron, Ironheart, and many others are phenomenal though

I hate battling barricadus in pvp so much.