Do all of you think it is a good idea to have a lot of barricadus? I’m trying to get through infinite dungeon. My idea is having two arks inbetween every barricadus. Please comment below how you feel about the strategy. Thanks

No not alot cuz its still vulnerable against metal slashers and holy arks!

Even for the infinite dungeon. There aren’t many metal slashers

Ooh yeah… Well maybe ur not high enough? Ash said there will be unavailable arks when u get higher and higher…

Too much is never good!

Being someone that has gone over pass level 1300, I can tell you that I have yet to see any exclusive/new arks. I believe this is something to be implemented in the future.

Also I like using barricadus for ID every once a while. Blocking damage from some arks or even from boss before my metal slashers come in… so depends on the way you strategise.

But how do u get A LOT of Barricadus anyway? If you have the patience to farm them, safer if u bring more metal slashers & more wyrms.

And no, there aren’t many metal slashers in ID.

Too many of barri’s are taking spaces from other high star arks that can kill opponents faster so balance them. I’d take MAX 3-4 of barri/metallo. I personally take 4-5 of them to ID but i have a lot more spaces in my team due to the musical scores i earned from ID.

Over 1300???

Hmm yes, there are 4 people already over level 1000. You can find out by checking the leaderboard, for pvp & ID.