Infinite dungeon

Does anyone know easiest strategy to get far?

Just search for infinite dungeon in this forum and you will find some hints on previous discussions.

ThNk u

Hey man, I got to about 400 I believe with a great strategy but you need 2 iron hearts lol then one shadowstalker great strategy for me I can easily get through a 100 floors no need for healing or loosing a monster

@axelthecreator i have alot of arks and my line up is pretty much plasmorex x10 arkknights x 10 and angelonsx10 3 omegawyrms and a few other ones but i cant seem to go 20 floors without loosing my line up … i use shadow ocarinas and also the one for holy arks i use tanks like barricudis and anubis along with tidal whale 

i also use holopards and shadowlances as well…i buff my team with power hitters sped up by speed boosters and defense risers as well … i have plenty of healers but im stuck at lvl 168 and cant get to 195 for the next checkpoint…PLEASE HELP and how can i easily obtain shadowstalker and ironhearts  

Buffing is a waste of time in the dungeon. Use the shadow ocarina and your plasmarexs and just use AOE attacks. Use your shadowlances on the boss fights and the angelons to heal the plasmarexes when they get below 1000 health.

do you think i need more plasmorex ?

and i just hate having a team full of the same arks i like the diversity and am curious if there is another way with the mas variety instead of just loading up on plasmorex and angelons lol

I checked I’m at 440 in infinite dungeon. The best is plasma till you are able to get them but OMS the only way. I mean it’s all about getting more spaces and lvl 99 plasmas all of them I mean that’s the quickest and most efficient way without waiting for the same OMs again. I mean it’s a good way to tank them out and like a metal slash Inbetween the plasmas for the barricadus or whatever metal but yeah it’s the best I can think of man.

okay time to farm plasmo n rex and get a lot more plasmorex