Hi guys, I created this topic to share the idea I have, I will be practical and clear.

This is the official forum of Neo Monster, there is no specific section for PVP battles against friends, spoiled PVP battles. We only have in the game every PVP Season. But for example, who would not like to organize a PVP battle with a friend and share about the game Neo Monster, here in the forum it is very difficult to consolidate a PVP battle and there is a group called “The Lounge” on the “Line platform” "conformed by 108 members, to which I belong, in which very few PVP battles are organized. Then today I see a topic created by @Saitama in which he said he was bored, and he would like someone to send him a private message to fight PVP. To tell the truth, a message on a messaging platform is better and more practical than a message on a website, it is much easier to contact the player you want to battle. For these reasons I have the idea of ​​creating a “group” called “NEO PVP” on the “whatsapp” platform, since most users use whatsapp and it is really a very practical and efficient platform. There will be rules in the group to maintain INTEGRITY, ORDER AND QUALITY OF PVP BATTLES. With respect to this last point, each player will be assessed before entering the group, since the objective is to maintain a good QUALITY AND EQUITY of the PVP battles. The main language will be English. I hope this idea can become real. Any suggestions please comment on the topic. Greetings to the entire Neo community


Make it real, create the WhatsApp group and let’s use it only for PvP battles. :wink:

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Whatsapp intended to use your phone number its literally the worst application to make gaming groups.


Friend Mr X, I can not treat you with respect, because of the differences we have in the game, I believe that the integrity of each one is in and out of the game, because of the above, do not intend to continue a conversation with you. I hope you can understand :+1:



And what will whatsapp do with your phone number? Will they give it to NASA to have a nuclear bomb sent directly to your home? Please, we have to have more common sense.

I dont like sharing personal information thats all.

There are other social media applications where you dont need to share personal information.

For example discord.

@ONE_Raghnius we were not having a conversation i was just highlighting the application you suggested. I dont have any difference with you ingame or out game it seems the difference is a one sided thing.


So if we create this in discord you will join to the group?

I consider it.

I agree on Mr. X. Giving out his personal phone number give people the opportunity to leak that and terrorize people in case you have a problem. With blocking numbers and knowing that anybody from a different phone can tease you is a risk you take joining in a group with a lot random people. That’s why LINE or discord will always the better solution. You open the app mostly because of games or other communities. I use WhatsApp mostly for rL related stuff and not for games. Keep it up with LINE or even discord if you wanna hear the erotic voice of others to communicate and people will join that if they are interested.


On WhatsApp everyone in the group chat can see your phone number. I’m gona keep WhatsApp separate, but keep me posted if another platform is used.

Why not just get everyone on Line and make a PvP chat. The only thing I ask, is once a player agrees, take the chat into DMs. No one else needs to read the code and chat like “ready? Wait a minute. Ready now. Go.” Etc

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I understand. So I will create it on Line app. The name will be NEO PVP

Do you have line app?

Oh this excites me.
If KD joins, Im in too. :heart_eyes_cat:


Stalker! :joy:

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@ONE_Raghnius There was absolutely no need for you to write those unkind words to Mr.X in this thread. Please be nicer to your fellow forum users.

I have to agree that Whatsapp is not an app I want to use for gaming chat because I don’t want to give anyone my phone number. If there is a Line PvP chat I will definitely join that.

Lol if we’re going to use it in that way I’d have to start charging :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll even consider joining if it was on discord.

Here is guys. It is done!!

Hope to have you there. Many player are joining there.

Be careful talking about WhatsApp groups for Neo, @Zardecil always threatens to ban me whenever I do for some reason