Important Question

Each character has three important values:
High ANG is good (in US/UK version = ATT)
High LP is good
High HW is ? (HW = ZE (At least I think so, but I’m not sure).
A high HW value means the character is slower. Right?

Don’t forget about CDs @Morphzeus

What you mean?
The description is different in each language. Do you mean HW? Is HW = ZE? Circled in red in the screenshot.

The more HW the faster

HW is Speed, it refers to how quickly the monster gets its turn when it enters the field. The higher the number the better, getting the first turn could give you a significant advantage so its important to keep it in mind. Cd is cooldown, the Tu of the moves, here its best if its lower since it allows you to pull of moves more frequently than youre opponent. Also it would be in youre best interest to not ask Gary what CD means for youre own safety :sweat_smile:

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I mean CDs @Morphzeus

@NMEGaryOak lol your wrong to do this man like that!