I'm new here

You should be a writer.



@Smil Hi,Im achun :smile: I love Aurodragon so much! What monster do u like?:smile:

Hi @achun glad to meet you. I love kanna. My 1st mythic :heart: and lovely girl.


@Smil im glad too:-D I got it ,she is so pretty. Her skills are very strong and powerful, especially secret seal and cryo revenge.

Evertale spanish discord mod :slight_smile:

Sorry, you can be on one side, either the community or the tits


Wah man u are great writer. Sorry to listen that u got banned. And also once it happened to me. I was playing asphalt 9 legends and just wanted to unlock all cars. Did as I thought and played for few days. After that f**king freaking owners banned me. And even after are requesting they didn’t give me my acc. Also man a tip for u. When u download a hacked version. Just sometimes do play with original version too. So they doesn’t recognise u that u are cheating.

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I’ll take that advice :))

That’s still kinda illegal


Yeah let’s not encourage cheating of any kind. It’s bad for the other players and bad for the company. Respect those who spend years of their working life developing games for you to enjoy. If you’re not going to give them money then at least don’t cheat to get the things they ask you to spend for!