If you could, would you?

This question is mainly to the people who have done everything that Can be done, both online and offline:

If you could begin from scratch, (and get all your bought gems back if You’ve made purchases), would you? :slight_smile:

Yep, I would do it and roll until I get a last biter >.< Even when I have now 3 legendaries

In the past I would have said yes. However cause the wheel is more difficult now I would say no (even though I didn’t reroll when I started), just cause I think I would end up with less legends.

I think a lot of people would… It’s like when you lose in a card game or something you definitely would go back and get your money if you could. This game is like a series of card hands though. Some good and some bad. I don’t think I’d erase everything

It would be hard to give up my Dolphin+4.

Yeah, in hindsight I probably would have wasted my money on something else, but I find that life is just a series of bad decisions that I enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes.  The cost/benefit ratio hasn’t been what I’d hoped it would be.

I meant that what You’ve spent on gems, you would get back in new gems. Not get your money back :slight_smile:

Probably yes again, I didn’t roll a legendary when I started and haven’t got a particularly great selection of legendaries compared to others.

In that case, I would change my answer to no.  Not only did I get at or above the statistical proportion of legendaries, but I never rolled any of the “less desired” legendaries (looking at you Dolphin guy) and got multiples of some of the better ones.  Odds are at that I wouldn’t do better than that if I could roll all over again.

Maybe. My legends are all support based and require teams setup around them (Lavaronix, Cryokaizer, Serapheon). But it’s made for some very unorthodox strats that allow me to do things like Cryo with 3 give turners (Serapheon basically making it impossible to OHKO him) for some unholy destruction to come about.

It’s let me build a funky water assist setup and a pretty cool fire assist setup, so idk if I’d like to drop them to start anew and make the more standard teams.

If I was to reroll now nope never, if it was before hand before the update I would have done my beginning rolls different and re rolled for a legendary instead of settling for a super epic
Plus I would have rolled for the festivals instead of skipping them :confused: