Should I restart?

Hello everyone,I’m kind of stuck with the idea of restarting the game and trying to get a legendary with the first roll since in my current game I don’t have any legendary,just 3 super epics and  a bunch of epics. I’m rank 25 with 3 mons ultra evolved,I am kinda stuck in the champion league and in the online story too. Maybe someone could help me,should I restart or keep trying?

It’s your choice, If I had the same situation I would have restarted though. If you are going to reset I’d advice going for a last biter.

I would restart
Your not that far into the game and you migh regret it if you don’t plus you will save a ton of money and stress if you get a last biter

Yeah, I was in an even tougher spot than you at that point. Just keep trying, and keep experimenting with strategies. I still haven’t spent any money yet, and I’ve beaten both the online and offline stories, and I’m up to 2 legends and 8 supers. Also, if you could share what guys you have, I could help out with strategies.

You could always restore your data right if you changed your mind. I did it but the tutorial part drived me crazy lol. So I gave up after like 28 times getting 0 legendaries, and restored my data.

Same thing spent 4-5 hours rerolling as I watched anime and did laundry on my day off… Didn’t get a single legendary and restored cuz my tickets would be full again. Honestly was so boring. I’ll just keep trying with event gems and other stuff

Hmm, got a dark slither(necro wing?), should I continue to reroll for a last biter, or run with it?

That’s up to you. Shadowyrm is a good legend but he won’t be able to stand alone like a last biter. He will have sleepkiller, protector killer, ultra wave, and bloodthirst. Also stun immunity

That mon is a decent bloodthirster, but if you are rerolling I would keep trying. Lastbiter, or at the very least rexo or the desperate all guy.

I’ll do that then, just rolled tiamof, but doesnt seem as good too.

No he kind of sucks. He is a copy of omega dragon with slightly less attack. The lower attack makes his poison eater not quite kill most super epics where as omega does. My tiamazus always seems to leave enemies with 5 to 10% hp. This is based off of the final online mission so there may be some buffs that make the attack difference more pronounced though.

Point is I wouldn’t stick with him.