Hello neo community

I would like to open this thread to share ideas and get the community opinion on them while also receive the community ideas.
(This is not a buff nerf thread)

Please keep this topic clean and respect each person idea.

1-Tranquilizing shield: similar to shield except this shield breaks when the monster is stunned or slept.(smiler to regular shield but weaker then stun immune and sleep immune.)

2- Rare gems: why not make the featured monsters go to the rare egg and once the event moves on they also get removed. Its very unlikely to get the featured in rare egg but with luck it can happen.

3- new event idea arena: Players pay 5 gems to enter this event they draft random monsters to complete a team. Once the draft is over they can adjust there team and start a battle, they will go up against other players. Each player has 3 health bars once he loses a game he loses one of his health bars once his health bar reaches zero he get kicked out of the arena. For each win you get rewards lets say

0- sliver + fruit + 1gem.
1- sliver + fruit + 1gem+ epic potion.
2- sliver + fruit + 1gem+ 2 epic potion.
3- sliver + fruit + 1gem+ super epic potion.
4-sliver + fruit + 2 gems+ super epic potion
5-sliver + fruit + 3 gems+ 2 super epic potion
6-sliver + fruit + 3 gems+ legendary potion
7-sliver + fruit + 5 gems+ legendary potion
8-sliver + fruit + 5 gems+ legendary potion + 5 rare gems
9- legendary ( devs choose the legendary) sliver + fruit + 5 gems+ 2 legendary potion + 5 rare gems



Love the third idea.:ok_hand::ok_hand:



The third idea is played in Hearthstone if I remember correctly, it would be excellent to add that mode to the Neo Monsters! Excellent suggestions @Mr.X



Yeah the 3rd one is nice and already realized in Hearthstone. I guess you got it from there :slight_smile: sounds good l. I don’t know how hard it will be to implement this draft system and matchmaking in arena. I mean there have to he consistent people playing arena for that and I question that the activity will guarantuee you a match. I have this already playing PvP. Sometimes it takes up to 5 min to find an enemy.



+1 for the 3rd idea