IC team


Share your current IC lineup




Great minds think alike, right Lunar?

Edit: just got a fully awakened Sakura and swapped it out for Willowyrm in FL. Good luck if you come up against my team in IC :joy:


I got Sakura to😂


Agree,but could u guys please stop with that lunar ****


@NMEGaryOak Had to sadly remove my other Deathwarg to put in the mythic. I’m sorry if that brings a tear to your eye. However, please do stop associating LunaAnne with Lunar. It’s already been said multiple times that the two are not the same person and it clearly upsets LunaAnne. If she starts asking for people’s account details then of course we will treat her as we would anyone who does that.


Pretty solid team.

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That’s nice! I know you hate any event that isn’t PvP but I can imagine using an awakened Sakuralisk is fun when you have an unawakened one you’re using in PvP at the moment.

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Island challenge - lvl 300.


Whoever had this team congrats on getting Aurodragon. I hope it’s lots of fun to play with!