I need alot of help with Beritus Argvel please help :)

My usable monsters are

Rexobone          Redgaroo            Halowolf

Noxdrake           Velohound           Wolfrozen

Spinoraptor        Moltasmus          Cruiserfish

Mechadino         Shivotra              Seabark

Acolight              Viridinychus       Demiorus

Flaredon            Beedroid            Dreadgar

Carnofrost         Dunkleon           Thunderhoof

Elekat                Niloxov              Leobolt

Deucalon          Tedfiend             Voltiger

I’ve been using a sleep strategy because poison would just get wiped out immediately

Its difficult to use deucalon and Rexobone’s sudden death backfires most of the time. Help me make a solid strategy please :slight_smile:

and if i should ultra evolve any super epics/epics let me know which ones

Can you let us know what Beritus’s team is? It’d help a lot to figure out how to build your team.

nvm i beat it and beat atrahasis on first try it only took out 5 monsters and also the battle after 

woot im on roll