team build to fight beritus

Can just anyone help me defeating beritus ? I am using demontoad’s link 250 sec megabomb strat but still getting defeated . And after the 4 monsters linked shadow, I am using Poison team ( superepic ultraevolved )

Send team

Someone made a chalenge of winning against beritus with untrained mons😂

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Try to go for counter elements poison mons at the end . Catch Noxar ( shadow legendary use for Assisted dusk with enrage) . Send ur team so that I can help u more . If u lack sweeeper make sure u evolve galvboss .

They are experienced players …
Newer player may not understand a lot of synergies at least he is using some link and poison stuffs which means he is good with some basics and progressing good

Well ik it is hard for starters but its just the idea that it aint that hard :sweat_smile:

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@Dabbdid just send ur team and what monsters u have

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You remembered :blush:

If you already have demon toad, then you are most of the way to getting a powerful Noxdragon+Enrage Assisted spam. Just capture a Noxar(location is on the wiki), and get two other decent shadow tanks and a stun bomber(preferably also shadow). Then, when you start, use the stun bomber, then use enrage teammate on Noxar(or Noxdrake or Noxdragon), and spam Assisted moves. With the right rng, you will decimate half his team before he even breaks through your FL. I could give better advice if I had more knowledge of your team.

P.S. Capture a Wickerchap. It isn’t useful for this battle, but you’ll thank me later

To any mods-

Please don’t move this to team help. The pros there will tear this guy apart

Noxar and other free mons link:

This channel has some more guides too… Or if u need some more help or some video about anything u can comment there or ask any of the forum user :blush:


Or you could try gt spam with mortar. That is a pretty decent way to deal damage if you are worried about his monsters being too tanky

If the aforementioned is not enough you could use monsters with lethal revenge and roulette to weaken their team a little more and conclude with an anagram of poison

Tbh I wouldn’t recommend that. Those skills are mostly for challenge runs and buffed monsters when it comes to PvE. Using them, you will be heavily reliant on rng and luck, which is both a lot less fun AND a lot less impressive.

so it was that I won it with monsters in 2 form and without using online I even beat atrahasis and the first 2 of the next episode, I don’t think it’s less important, it’s just another way to play

Well id say luck is a way to play that some people prefer altho ur right it doesnt bring same satisfaction

He clarified that it would be a team for the story, you know my pvp team and you know I don’t use luck

Ye i was talking about story ofc😂 pvp cant be luck cuz rng is litterally 1 time ur side 10 times noo

Send your team

Lets all stop beating around the bush and tell him the one true way to complete the offline story shall we.

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:joy::joy:Too late sadly and i missed it in this account

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